Why VHD?

The VHD system is extremely versatile and cost-effective.

As a ‘stand-alone’ player plugged into a television set it provides an interactive capability which will satisfy a wide range of applications.

Plug in a computer via the (optional) interface and any computer can upgrade the interactive capabilities. With a ‘genlock’ capable computer high resolution graphics overlay can provide another new dimension.

Any customer buying VHD will be able to acquire further options as and when he wishes to expand his system — but the basic player remains the same.

In the near future….. with an AHD adaptor you have Advanced High Density. This is the digital option offering a new range of abilities which include full digital audio, computer data storage, and digital still pictures with compressed audio. In the latter mode the disc will store 1500 high resolution images per side.

VHD and AHD separately or on the same disc — a unique communications system. It starts with a basic videodisc player which in itself is a revolution in interactive communications.

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Author: Thorn EMI Videodisc

Thorn EMI was formed in 1979 from the merger of Thorn Electrical Industries, manufacturers of lightbulbs, radios and televisions, and Electric and Musical Industries, with interests in film distribution, television and music. The two demerged in 1996.